Blackberry-Picking Early autumn is truly a bountiful time and where better to start the harvest than with the humble blackberry.  Easily recognised, brambles, sméara dúbha

Chilean Guava, Ugni molinae

Ugni molinae, long-overlooked member of the myrtle family was first described by Molina, an Italian Jesuit living in Chile.  Appearing in his book The geographical,

A brief history of Edible Flowers…

The nutritional benefit of eating your greens is widely agreed but edible flowers…….? They are generally eaten in such small quantities as to make their

Flowers from the veg patch

  Just back from holidays I dreaded to see what sort of mess the allotment was in!  So eventually I picked up the courage and

Rhubarb Vodka

Are you looking for a way to use some of your end of season Rhubarb??   Making rhubarb vodka is a perfect option!  All you

Recipe for Chocolate Orange cake

1 large or 2 small, thin-skinned oranges 6 eggs 50g cocoa 200g ground almonds 250g caster sugar 50g cocoa METHOD Put the whole orange in