About WOW edimentals

Edimentals or edible ornamentals… A term coined by Stephen Barstow, author of around the world in 80 plants! 

We live in time of increasing food uncertainty, changing climate, mono cropping and increasing population…..problem that present significant problems now and into the future.  Take that in conjunction with increasing lack of variety in the supermarkets. You only have to look at the number of different variety of apples on display compared with the potential 7500 different varieties of apples to choose from.  Are food choices are becoming more and more narrow. 

In fact with over 300,000 edible species worldwide isn’t it surprising that we only eat a fraction of them.  About 200 of them!  

It often surprising to find that many of our common plants cultivated for our gardens were once regarded for not for their looks but for their flavour.  For example Dahlias …. Originally grown for their nutritious tubers but now of course grown for their wondrous blooms.  Pyracantha is a plant that is probably in most of our gardens but was once a popular berry in both sweet and savoury dishes.  It was often used in Pontac sauce….similar to Worchester sauce giving dishes that wonderful umami flavour.  And what about delicious roast venison cut with some rowan berry jam!!!